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My name is Lisa and I’m the mother of 2.  Andy and Jennifer.  Jennifer is my special girl. She has Autism. I started my digitizing business so I can work from home during hours I choose and still be there for Jennifer.

I took classes in digital graphic art about 12 years ago. I’m a creative person and love computers and crafts. The background in graphic art gave me a jump start in understanding embroidery design.  In 2007 my sister, who is an embroidery designer/ digitizer, offered to teach me to digitize. 

To create embroidery designs that work for you. My designs are digitized with your needs in mind. From simple, low stitch count designs for commercial use to detailed works of art for your children’s cloths, I try to digitize versatile designs with everyone in mind.

All designs sold on this web site are exclusive DigiDoodlez Embroidery Designs,
digital art and graphics created by Lisa Wade


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