Appliqué Tips
I've starting to design more appliqué with motif stitches instead of a heavy satin stitch.  I've found that you can use most any fabric that is of good quality, high thread count, for this if you use some Wonder Under Transfer Web.  What I do is iron the Wonder Under on the back side of the fabric I will place for the appliqué.  Then peal off the paper.  I place the fabric like I would on any appliqué design and continue as usual.  When I'm finished sewing and unhoop, I turn the design over and iron it, with the stabilizer still on, to set the web inside the appliqué.  This will keep most fabrics from raveling even with a thinner motif stitch appliqué.

If you don't want to use Wonder Under you can use felt of fleece for these motif stitch appliqué designs.  You can also use some of the minky fabrics as well as any other fabric that doesn't ravel easy.

If you don't have a quilt or fabric store near you, you can get what you need online at:
The Quilt Mercantile

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