In The Hoop Circus Train Tutorial – Cage Car

I’m using different colors of fabric for the tutorial than the designs on the product page, so you can see how cute this set is in girlie colors.

The first part of this design is typical for an In-The-Hoop Appliqué. If you need help learning how to do In-The-Hoop Appliqué before you start, see my Halloween Mask tutorial:
The first part of this design is typical for an In-The-Hoop Appliqué. If you need help learning how to do In-The-Hoop Appliqué before you start, see my tutorial:
Click here for basic in the hoop Halloween Mask Tutorial.

Hoop 2 sheets of heavy tear away stabilizer.
Sew steps 1-14 and your design will look like the image below.
After you trim around the base fabric on the back of the hoop you will cut out the rectangle in the middle of the design. You can use scissors if you want to, but I like to use a razor knife. Be careful to stay on the inside of the stitches of the rectangle when cutting. If you use a razor knife be sure to cut on a cutting board.


Cut through all layers of fabric and stabilizer.



Cut a sheet of heavy vinyl about 6 x 8. I got my vinyl at Walmart. It is the one with the orange letters on the paper. You can use heaver vinyl if you want to. Turn the hoop over and spray some adhesive along all 4 sides of the design and place your vinyl on the back of the design, making sure it completely covers the design area. Do not spray adhesive on the vinyl.

Sew step 15

Trim off the excess vinyl around your design.
Sew step 16
For the bars I use heavy braided cord. I got this one below at Walmart. It comes in lots of colors. So pick one that is close to the color of the thread you will use for the bars or one that is a good accent color.
Cut 6 strips of cord about 4 inches long. Spray a bit of adhesive on some paper, so the cord won’t blow away when you spray it, and place the cord on the paper. Spray the cord with a heavy layer of adhesive.
Sew Step 17.

You can place the cord on the front or back of the hoop. If you are worried the cord will move, place it on the front. I think the finished design looks better if it’s placed on the back. I’ve sewn many of these and the cord has never moved out of place. Place the cord adhesive side down between the lines on the area that will be the bars, as in the example below.

Sew step 18.
Trim the excess cord off the design.

Sew step 19 which will enclose the cord.

After step 19 you will place the pocket fabric on the back of the hoop.
Cut a rectangle of fabric 11 x 8 inches and fold it in half so it measures 5 1/2 by 8 inches. Iron a sharp crease in the fold. Lift one of the layers of fabric and spray some adhesive between the layers of fabric and press it with your hands to be sure it’s stuck together well. Spray some adhesive on the sides and bottom of the design. Place the folded edge on the back of the hoop, about 1/4 of an inch from the top of the design. Be careful not to place it any higher or it will get caught in the satin stitches that will sew around the edges of the design and sew the pockets closed. Turn the design over and place the hoop on a flat surface and press down along the edges of the design to make sure the pocket is stuck in place well.

Sew step 20.

Trim the excess fabric around the pocket. Be careful not to cut to close at the top corners or the fabric may pull away from the design.
Sew step 21
Sew steps 22 and 23 and you’re all finished!

After you pop the design out of the stabilizer, trim the little fuzzies off as best you can around the edges. Then take a fabric or kids marker close to the color of your thread and lightly rub the edges of the design. This will color any fuzzy stuff left over from the stabilizer and it will almost disappear. Use a shade of marker a bit lighter than your thread.

Punch out your eyelets and get started on your next design.

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