In The Hoop Circus Train Tutorial – Engine

Circus Train In-The-Hoop Tutorial – Engine
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I’m using different colors of fabric for the tutorial than in the designs on the product page, so you can see how cute this set is in girlie colors.

The first part of this design is typical for an In-The-Hoop Appliqué. If you need help learning how to do In-The-Hoop Appliqué before you start, see my tutorial:
Click here for basic in the hoop Halloween Mask Tutorial.

Sew steps 1-19 and your design will look like the image below.


Cut out the area on the front of the hoop for the window on the engine design as below. Be careful not to cut through the stabilizer.



Turn the hoop over and cut out the window area on the back of your engine design.


Sew step 20, which is the satin stitches around the window. Now it’s time to add the fabric for the pocket. Cut some fabric about 11 x 18 inches. Fold that in half, so it’s about 5 1/2 x 8. Iron a crease in the fabric. Spray some adhesive on one side of the pocket fabric. Then place your pocket fabric, adhesive side down, on the back of the hoop, like I did in the picture below. Be sure you place the pocket low enough so that the satin stitches of the outline will not sew the pocket closed. Lift up the top layer of fabric and spray some adhesive between the layers so it stays in place while you sew it down. Before you place the hoop back on the machine, put the hoop on your table, so that the back of the design is touching the table, and press down in the fabric area so the fabric on the back is pressed into place. That will keep it from coming off while you are sewing.


Sew step 21. Then trim the excess fabric around the pocket so it looks like the picture below.


Sew step 22 which will further hold all the layers in place.


Sew steps 23 and 24 and tear away your stabilizer.

The technique is the same for this design and the caboose design.
After you pop the design out of the stabilizer, trim the little fuzzies off as best you can around the edges.  Then take a fabric or kids marker close to the color of your thread and lightly rub the edges of the design.  This will color any fuzzy stuff left over from the stabilizer and it will almost disappear.  Use a shade of marker a bit lighter than your thread.

Punch out your eyelets and get started on your next design.



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