In The Hoop Tutorial – Shoe Toppers 2

The examples below are of the sew outs of the lolly pop shoe toppers and the angel shoe toppers. This is the lace I used on both of the shoe toppers in set 2. It looks like sock ruffles when folded in half.

All I did was spray some adhesive on the ruffles and fold them over as in the pictures below, to make them look like a double ruffle.

I then placed them on the fabric guides as in the examples below.


After you sew the step to hold the lace in place, make sure to trim any excess fabric on the inside of the circle just like you do on the outside of applique fabric guides. That will prevent lumps in the satin stitches.

I use some tape to hold down the lace so it won’t get caught on the embroidery machine while sewing. The most important place to put the tape is between the designs. Below is the picture of how I tape down the lace.


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