In The Hoop Tutorial – Halloween Masks

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I used the same color thread for the whole project. Each element of the design is a different color in your file though. The reason for this is so there are tie offs on each element. That will prevent it from raveling out. After you trim around your fabric you can sew out the rest of the design, only stopping to clip threads if you just want to use one color thread.  You can also use different colors of thread for each area if you like.

I got the fabric and foam used in this project at Wal-Mart

Hoop 2 sheets of heavy tear away stabilizer without any material. If you only have light weight stabilizer use 3 sheets with some adhesive between them.


Spray the top side of the stabilizer with adhesive and place a sheet of smartfoam on top. I get smartfoam at Wal-Mart in the craft department. It comes in many colors to match your fabric.  I usually get multi packs, so I always have the colors I need.


Sew out your applique` position. Clip jump threads as you go so they won’t show through the fabric.


Spray adhesive onto the foam and place the lower half of the material. If you are using slinky material you may want to trim just above the crown outline so this material won’t show under the crown material and leave outlines.

Place the material for the crown on top. Make sure the material does not cover the eye holes.


Turn over the hoop and spray adhesive on the back of your stabilizer, then place your back material on.


Sew out your applique material. This will hold your material and show you where to trim. Trim around the material on front and clip any threads in the way. Don’t forget the eye holes.

Trim around the fabric on the back of the hoop.
Sew the next step which is the applique`, it will hold your fabric in place for the thick satin stitch.


Sew out your heavy satin stitch.

When you have finished sewing your design out you will be able to pop your mask right out of the stabilizer and foam. If you have any stabilizer threads sticking through carefully trim them, but be careful not to cut your satin stitch.


After I have popped out the mask and trimmed any threads I like to take a nontoxic kids marker the same color as my thread and color in any stabilizer fuzz on the edges. This gives it a really finished look. As you will see on the product page, I glued stones I found at Wal-Mart on to make these masks look really cute for Molly.

Punch out your eyelets and use stretchy lace or string to hold the masks on.  I like to use a cutting board under these designs when I punch out the holes.

If you’d like to purchase my Halloween Mask designs, follow these links:
Halloween Masks & Cuffs 1
Halloween Masks & Cuffs 2

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