Baby Animals

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3-D In-The-Hoop Appliqué 5×7 Design Set

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Your little ones are going to love this cute fold out book. It can be made for girls or boys. Just pick the colors and fabrics that will make it perfect for your little one.

This set includes the page designs as well as the animals, 11 designs in all. You get a puppy, a kitty, a bear, a chick and a bunny. You get a page for each animal as well as the cover page. You can stitch an extra animal of your choice to go in the cover page window or leave a page out. The page designs have pockets on the back, so your little ones can slip the animals into the book when they are not playing with them. The page designs have eyelets on them so you can put your designs together to create your own fold out book.

Instructions are included with step by step directions on the color charts. You can use any fabric you want as long as you iron some fusible web on the back of your fabric before you start sewing. Then just press each design with a hot iron to set when you are finished with the designs.  Make sure your fabric is iron safe and won’t melt.

Each design download includes multiple machine formats. You will get all the formats listed here: