Nellie’s Quilt Stipple Collection


Appliqué Quilt Stipple Design Set

Click images to see enlargements.
Check out closeups with double stipple technique! Just sew a design, give it a tiny tug on any side of the hoop, then sew it again with a different color of thread.

One continuous path

No color changes

Low Stitch count

These designs are great for stippling on quilts or anywhere you want to add a simple design. They sew out in one continuous path, so no color changes. They are low in stitch count and sew very fast. They are available in 3 sizes. They make a cute wall hanging. You can also use them together for placemats or in the center of a table. In this set you get 4 designs, tumbling hearts, flower swirls, butterflies, and bubbles. Use them separately or together. They are perfect for quilting as you go.

All designs will fit within these hoop sizes:
4×4 inch block is 3.90 inches x 3.90 inches or 99mm x 99mm
5×5 inch block is 4.99 inches x 4.99 inches or 127mm x 127mm
6×6 inch block is 5.89 inches x 5.89 inches or 149.6mm x 149.6mm

This set is available in 3 sizes. Please make sure you order the right size and that your machine is able to sew the size you order.

Each design download includes multiple machine formats. You will get all the formats listed here:

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