Sweet Dreams
Doll Quilt Pocket

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In-The-Hoop Appliqué 5×7
This is a Patchwork Pieced Design Set

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Lets make bedtime fun time. This patchwork doll quilt pocket design can be used on quilts, pillow cases, gowns & PJs. It comes with it’s own little doll, but your child can put any of their dolls or stuffed animals to bed in the quilt pocket. You may want to make a quilt with lots of patchwork quilt pockets on it for more dolls and stuffed animals to sleep in. Click here to see more pictures. This is a fun project to teach your child how to make a patchwork quilt. It comes with complete instructions in a printable PDF file with the color chart.

Each design download includes multiple machine formats. You will get all the formats listed here: