Sally’s Garden Party Mug Rug Tutorial

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* You must use embroidery foam and heavy stabilizer
in these designs to make them sturdy and sew correctly.

Here is what you will need to make the star flower mug rug:

1 4×4 square of green fabric, cut into 2 triangles for each 2 leaves you will use
2 pieces of base fabric for the front and back of the design
2 pieces of fabric for the star center of this design* Only shows one in the image.
2 sheets of heavy tear away stabilizer or heavy water soluable stabilizer
1 piece of art foam, big enough to cover your 4×4 hoop area
1 piece of extra heavy cut away stabilizer or some other material that will make
the design stiff

spray adhesive
clear shipping tape


You can put in leaves if you want to. I have not tried putting leaves on the Fiesta Flower, so if you decide to, do so with caution.

Before you start sewing you will make your leaves, so they are ready to put in your design when you get to that step. It helps to make them ahead, so you don’t have to stop sewing to make them.

Here are images of each step showing how to fold the fabric into leaves and trim them. Use adhesive at each step, so the fabric will stay in place.

Trim off excess fabric, so you can see to place your leaves properly.


Hoop 2 layers of heavy tear away stabilizer or water soluable stabilizer. Place the art foam and sheet of heavy cut away stabilizer on top of the hoop.

Sew step 1 which shows you where to place your base fabric.
Place base fabric on front and back of hoop.
Sew step 2.
Trim around base fabric, on front and back of hoop.

I always trim the fabric on the back of the hoop first. I made a habit of doing this, so I don’t forget. Several times when I first started doing applique I got in a hurry and forgot. So I had to trim that after the fact. Doesn’t look very nice.

Trim around heavy cut away stabilizer.

Place leaves on the areas where you want them, making sure the edges are within the sewing area.

You must be very careful at this step. I suggest taping the leaves down with clear shipping tape, so the machine doesn’t get caught in the folds of the leaves. Don’t walk away from your machine during this step and be ready to press the stop button if you need to. I didn’t have any problems, but you may use heavier fabric than I did. So to avoid a problem, use tape.

Go back a step and sew step 2 again.

Trim closely along the edges of the leaves, inside the sewing area.

Sew step 3, which covers all the edges again and shows the star area in the center where you will place your fabric.

Place fabric for the star on the front and back of the hoop.

Sew step 4.
Trim around star fabric on front and back of hoop.


Steps 5 thru 7 are the lines in the middle of the design, the motif star outline and the center embelishment, in that order.

Sew step 8, which is the satin outline.

Pop it out of the hoop and your all done.

Repeat! 🙂

If you have any fuzzy edges that you can’t trim, take a marker the same color as your thread and rub it along the edges of the design and the fuzzies will seem to dissapear. To avoid any stains, let dry before you use or place it on any table cloth or surface. I recommend fabric markers, but you can use regular markers as as long as they are perminant. If you use regular kids markers, when the coasters get damp, they could leave a stain on the surface they are on.


Click here if you’d like to look at Sally’s Garden Party Mug Rugs.